Sun, Oct 31, 2010

Channellings, Rhinoceros

We are strong and bold.  Yet we are so vulnerable.  It is a paradox to consider with regard to all life.  It is so that with one action we cause a chain of events that ultimately shape our futures?

We watch and wait as these actions unfold.  We hold our ground.  We do not despair, not even in the moments of choice when some cause our death for money and the perception of necessity.  We hold strong.  We hold our grace.  We trust that light will win through.  We trust that light will permeate the dark so far that no shadows will remain.

We stand proud and regal in the knowledge of our purpose. We show that with strength and power comes gentleness and grace.  With force and weight comes fluidity and light like no other.

We offer healing to all we encounter.  We offer it freely without expectation of return.  We bring in the energy of power with grace, power with light, power with majesty and honour.  We desire humanity, the co-creators, to recall our messages and apply them to your lives.

We who listen and understand share a bright light into the areas of darkness. Do not despair. Know, trust your remembering sheds light far and wide, hold true to your vision of balance on our beautiful planet.

We show you how to hold the energy of gentle resilience.  We refuse to change who we are.  We urge you to recall who you really are and to be true to this grace.  You are all magnificent.  Just as we are.  You have to believe it to see it.

Hold the light, the energy, the vision, the trust, faith and power.  That is enough. You are enough.

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