Sun, Oct 31, 2010

Channellings, Magpie

Gather, gather, gather.  We flock and gather.  Coming together to help each of us, each of our species.

We are taking care of us by being together.  We know we are not alone.  We can’t survive alone.  Our strength is in our numbers, in being together.

Don’t fear us, learn from us.  Be like us.  Flock and gather as a species.  Leave no-one out.  Listen to all – they all have a voice.  We make noise.  Lots of noise.  We are always shouting to be heard by the others.  We know we must as we all have important wisdom to add to the collective.

Don’t leave anyone out.  Learn to listen in all the clamouring – for the quietest voices.  They have the most to say.  Don’t fear others and their voices.  Their words, thoughts, ideas and beliefs add to your collective strength.  Listen to all.  Listen, listen, listen.  There is much to be learnt.

Flock and gather.  Come together.  Leave no-one out.  Listen to all.

Many thanks to you, Jean Davies, for this wonderful channeling.

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