Mon, Oct 18, 2010

Channellings, Giraffes

If you reach for the treetops you’ll find you can surprise yourself with just how high you can touch. Standing tall, metaphorically, is key at this time. We are here to show you that anything is possible, that when you reach for something, you can achieve it more easily that you think.

Long ago, lessons were learnt about reaching and attaining and since have been blocked and marred by beliefs that say; don’t, stay small, be safe, too risky, don’t be silly, be sensible, who are you? Who do you think you are?

We are here to tell you that these beliefs are nonsense!  Complete and utter.  Your birthright, your purpose is to reach up and stretch. To remember what it is you love and are passionate about and to take all steps and bounds necessary to have it happen.

No need to strain or worry or fret. Trust and allow. Allow support, flexibility, bend and flow with what you feel guided to do.  You are not in control, you have to know this once more.

You can choose to follow, or to block. This is what we have control over. This is truth. The rest is illusion.

Be wise to this and take steps towards your path (your true life’s love and purpose) today.  If you don’t know (or can’t remember) yet, then spend time remembering what it is you really adore, feel really passionate about. This is your right, your ultimate goal, your evolution, your expansion.

You must flexibly step on towards this, leaving behind the old, outworn, rigid controls and shackles of the mind made control system.

You must realise these do not hold water. They are simply there to keep you small.  Stand tall and realise you will and always will be supported.

That is our message to you, Thank you for listening. Now do so!

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