Mon, Sep 27, 2010

Channellings, Worms

Your cat likes to play with us, so the other evening we arranged for her to bring a few of us in to see you as we have a message for you.

She sees us and the birds see us but you don’t.  They have good eyesight, but you don’t see properly with your eyes and your senses.  If it’s not clear and sharp you don’t see it or value it.

We are always under your feet, in the dark damp mud, and you disregard us.  You love the bees – which is right – because they are beautiful and you can see easily how they help you.  We, the worms, help you too, but you’ve forgotten to look at things that are dark, messy or ugly because they don’t please you.

You need to learn to look, see and feel things that aren’t so obvious, things that are always right under your feet.  Don’t just look for the prettiness.  Don’t just consider the black and white, but look into the grey – there is far more meaning there.

Take time to consider us and what we do, weaving and burrowing about below your feet, bringing life to your soils.  The most mundane things are often the most important.  Go into your darkness and depths and see what is buried there.  You will find your truths and although they might not always be attractive they must not be ignored.  Be brave!!  They will nourish you and bring you life.

Face your fears in the darkness, feel the slimy dampness that is uncomfortable and horrible to you.  Learn their messages and lessons.  Face up to them and learn to love them, because they bring you freedom and salvation.  Dig up the mud, don’t keep burying them, thinking that if you can’t see them they’re not there.  They will fester and grow in the ooze – so face them before they get so big and frightening.

Pick them up, handle them, watch them wriggle as they try to return to the depths.  Hold them until you see them as they really are, what they bring you, and you will learn to love them.  They will be your liberation.  Channelled by Jean Davies.

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