Thu, Sep 23, 2010

Channellings, Spiders

Darkness is truth just as light is.

We watch you go round in circles with your minds and wish you would stop and notice the vibrations all around that guide and show you the way.  Every fibre of your being allows to tell the tale of truth, dark or light it shows the way.

See, feel or hear it, the guidance is there, if only you’d pay attention.

Stop and be still. Listen with all of your senses alert.  Notice the movements of vibration all around. What does the web reveal to you?

It will show you all you need and much more besides.  It will reveal what you are vibrating too as you see it affecting all around you. ALL around you.  It matters not if a feather or a fly enters into my web it reveals itself just the same. Do you even notice them?

Do you observe, feel what they have to tell you?  Or are you blinded by the bright flashing lights of the radiation machines all around you?  The noisy madness of your chattering mind, constantly driving you to distraction?

Commentary on the unimportant. Why do you do this?

Do you know the difference between this mind made noise and poison compared to the pure essence of vibration all around you right now? Stop a moment and notice right now.

What is the divine vibration telling you now? Things you call animate and inanimate, ALL?

They all reflect a perspective, an angle, a light beam that is YOU.  What are you vibrating?

THIS is worthy of your attention.  This is worthy of your mind, your heart, your energy, your motion and emotion.

Your web is the finest of fibres invisible to most and holding an attractive force, attracting and holding the very particles you energetically align to.  You allow, you encourage.

Wealth is also a part of this energetic alignment. Do you allow your web of attention to allow plenty, or not enough?

Do you place your silken net at a point of much activity (so to speak) or do you intentionally place it where there is no movement, no air traffic, no grace or gumption?

We are all here to prosper and grow.  We are all here to expand and elaborate on our essence, our creative abilities and tendencies. Do you allow your creativity to shine out into your world, your breathe, your fibres?

Do you vibrate your truth? Do you allow plenty to facilitate this creation? Do you believe it wise to do so?

Blessed be the ones who show the way. Look for those who genuinely are able to steer their vibrations to allow the vast abundance and turn it into force for creative expression. Match and mold your learning.

Know it is your way of being fully in this place. Know you are needed to prosper and grow.  All of you have all you need.

When you notice the nature of the vibration you send out and adapt them so as to guide all good things easily and effortlessly into your shining, sparkling web of truth.

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