Tue, Sep 14, 2010

Channellings, Sheep

Purest love, light and devotion.  Gentle power, so gentle yet firm if needs be, we work together, play together, stick together. Help each other, search each other, blend and merge together, dance together.

We are a thousand eyes of gentle familiar love, family gatherings under shady trees in summer months, together tight and snug in colder climes and times.

We adore our family, our own, we nuture lovingly our new souls, our new generation of love and light.

We suffer at the hands of many humans, not just in terms of our care and handling but also in terms of our death, no dignity or honour.  Only fear, negativity and panic. Despair, losing of dignity and cold merciless slaughter. No souls merge here.

We are sentient beings of light, just as you are. We are here to allow you to glimpse this to see what you have forgotten to notice how gentle we are to remember how it really is. To help others around and knowing you’ll always be helped by them.  This is true family.

Look into our eyes, see beyond your man made label and derrogatory terms for us.  We are pure, love, soft and true.  We love all our kind with all of our heart and being.

What a lesson to remember.  What a lesson for humankind to observe and consider.

How can you be so far from this?  How can you get back to this? Now.

Power in numbers. Shared community. Love. Divine souls linked together.

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