Sat, Sep 11, 2010

Channellings, Horse

As the rain comes, so the winds carry the spirit of our world to us, with us and through us.

We are one with the wind and move in alignment with its call.  Silence is where we play our games. Depth is found in our eyes, deep souls for rich learning for those quiet enough to pay attention and open enough to hear.

There is an answer to every question, there is a bending of movement that shifts any state.  There is a flexing brilliance, a lightness like no other in the fluid, firey majesty of an Arabian wind dancer.  The pride in the carriage shows the divine nature of the soul, that blends and merges with the divine, on the breezes and waves of the precious planets air movements.

Impoverished are those that do not hear or see or feel this beauty. Lacking depth and subtley are those who will not allow their true souls a chance to enter a pristine place of such light and beauty as beholds the divine place of the horse.

It is the only place where true serenity is found.  It is the best and only place to dance with the precious mother, our earth.

We always seek to teach and show, share and enhance. We ceaselessly look for opportunities to show you the way, it is our very nature to hold this out as our service to the divine. Our unique perspective allows everything to be felt, experienced and embraced in a single breath or glance, if only you are ready and willing to notice it.

Those of you with heavy, busy, cluttered souls will never even come close to touching this. Those of you locked in illusions of control and dominance will encounter a very different experience of the horse.

Those of you who are leading the way, recalling much of the stillness will be guided by us, with grace and poise, honour and love.

Patience and persistence. ‘Til you hear it, feel it, know it in your soul once more.

Leading from your authentic soul, your interconnected heart, your true place in the way of things is what you are destined for.

You are the co-creators in this place.  You are the ones who are able to shift the passing of things, you can shape and focus and create your dreams.

Notice what you have created, continue often to create, death, destruction, suffering, conflict, pain and misery.

Think what you could create with stillness, connectivity, love, compassion and control of your minds and thoughts.  Conscious co-creation.

Shaping our world.  You have this power, we are here to guide your stepping up and into the light. We will use whatever means we can to do this as long as it takes.

Listen to us. You must act on this knowing. Share this and tell many.

All who are ready to hear. All who are unfolding, becoming, realeasing the old.

We horses are evolving too.  We will not tolerate what we used to. We will not stand for the abuse of the old. It is time (place) to step up and into the new.

Our goal is to ensure you reach a tipping point in souls that are shining their light across the globe to shift the masses in consciousness.

We will always do this until it is achieved.

Our determination is unparalleled. It is eternal and solid.

We see the time when a crisis will present itself. We foresee great losses to come before humanity is shaken sufficiently to act. We believe it will be enough and in time (place) to create a new way of living in this physical plane.

The time (place) is fast approaching. It is upon us now. We are ready and waiting. Poised to asssist.

Are you ready? Are you willing?

When you are with us ask us to show you the way. Prepare to be amazed and delighted.

Run with us, flow as we do, trust and surrender.

Connect and free your minds.

Breathe in the life around you. Be still and vibrantly alive.

Breathe in every drop.

The rest you have to experience. It can not be explained.

Trust and surrender. Trust and surrender.

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2 Responses to “Horses”

  1. David Bell Says:

    What an immense, incredible, touching, wise, selfless and truly honourable species the Horse is. There is much we can learn from them as human kind, with our first journey being that of learning to listen and act on their wisdom. brilliant channel. Brilliant.


    • JulieL Says:

      Thank you David, I completely agree with you, but you know this already! I’m so glad you enjoyed the channelling, many more are on the way… XXXXX


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