Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Bears, Channellings

Light is in the eye of the beholder.  Why is it when you look at bears you cast negative views like brutal, aggressive, dangerous, scary, man killers, monsters?  If you see this when you look at us you see yourself, your own kind in this light – in this mirror.

Those humans who see this expect us to be like this! You get what you expect.

Bears, we are full of honour, integrity to our codes, fiercesome protectors of our young, of our sacred boundaries.  We live our morals no matter what. No matter what.

A judgement made is a challenge to undo.

We are nobles. Royal heritage and regal lines. We stand up for that which is important, we will fight for what we believe in.

But as often as we can we are gentle, quiet souls, who take what’s needed in a respectful way and nuture our own in gentle, loving ways.

We share and teach our stories, morals and codes alongside skills of survival and protection.

We build courage by gifting youngsters with challenges to attain. We build confidence by giving enough of a challenge yet never too much.

We sleep in the cold, renewal month. We close down and settle into the deep stillness as we let the freeze take its path and in time come to thaw.

We slow, slow, slow, slow our heartbeat, our thoughts, our very essence.

We let the process occur in perfect trust and faith. We allow it in.  It’s all as it’s meant to be.

Times for stillness are followed by times for activity, movement and vigour.

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