Welcome to The Purpose Of Species!

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This website binary options software that works has been created to document the purpose each species has to play in maintaining the balance of the whole planet.

There is a key distinguishing feature. The perspective it is written from is not ours. It is gathered by channelling the collective consciousness of each species, allowing us access to their wisdom, knowledge and unique view of the world.

This is a global community project. I want YOU to get involved by contributing messages you channel from as many species as you like.  If you do not know how to do this yet and would like to get involved please visit my website Voice Of The Animals (Playshops) and come along to a playshop to learn how.

If you are already willing and able please contribute either an audio file or transcript
by completing the form in the “Submit Your Animal Channelling” page.

I trust you will enjoy reading/listening/co-creating this blog. When sufficient content is gathered it will be published as a book and a TV series/documentary film will also be created to share this vitally important wisdom as far and wide as possible. Thank you for getting involved.

Julie Lines
Founder of Voice of the Animals
Co-Creator of The Purpose of Species